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At The DBT, I offer Dog Behavioural Rehabilitations, I use dog psychology. I believe by using a formula of controlled exercise, discipline, understanding, connecting and affection only at the right time, we are able to achieve mental balance with any dog.


All dog's involved at The DBT experience the benefits, especially all human's involved! I teach all humans how their energy can effect there dog and that calming your mind and assertive your body is the best way to help your bond grow and help understand one another. I teach you how to gain confidence through physical activities and exercise's which your dogs love to do, using their natural instinct and fulfilled their needs. 

You will become the PACK LEADER and the OWNER you're four legged friend need's you to be.


Put your best paw forward and let’s get started today. I have over 15 years experience working with dogs, reading,researching, training, communicating, rehabilitating, rescuing, re-homing, walking, socialising, boarding, grooming and working in kennels.


I am fully insured and I am qualified at a Level 4 in advanced canine dog behaviour and communication.


I have been trained in dog nutrient, first aid, health checks, medicating and administering injections.

To top it off i am a specialist at picking up dog poo!!!!


Our Services

My Story

From the UK to Australia

I am passionate about dog's and what i do, my business started of in the UK and expanded to Australia.

I am building my dream here in Australia by working toward's my very own dog rehabilitation center.

I started my Journey with just one dog at the age of 5, his name was Dopey a lab x collie, he taught me unconditional love, loyalty, respect, kindness and joy, he even taught me to live in the moment with every aspect of my life. Dopey died two month's short of his 20th birthday on 17 of November 2011. It was the most painful experience of my life and i miss him everyday. I was left with a big hole in my life that wouldn't go away, so i asked the universe + dopey to help mend this hole that was missing, 6 and half month's passed and a dog called Delboy ended up on my grooming table and i instantly fell inlove with him, something that has not happened to me before or ever since. 

Delboy was a rescue 15 months old when i got him and with so many issues. We worked through so much together and i helped him get over his issues and now we work together at The DBT, Del saved my life and helped to fill the hole in my heart. Without Delboy The DBT would not exist and without Dopey i would of never known the love and joy a dog can bring to my life. For this i will be forever grateful to have them in my life and to have been shown the way of life for a dog and the journey it has put me on.


1-2-1 Consultation

Helping You To Understand One Another

  1 on 1 session are available for you in the comfort of your own home. I have dealt with all sorts of behavioural issues and training, what ever it is you are struggling with I CAN HELP YOU!


Sessions last for 2 hours and follow on session (if needed) are at the same cost. On going support is always given, via calls, text or emails, what ever suits you. We never hide the cost from our clients and are always upfront about it.

Behavioural Rehabilitation

For Dog's That Need More Help

This is for dogs that need a full behavioural modification, chemical changes and rewiring of the brain, This has to be done away from owners and their home. 

This is not a walk in the park for myself or your dog and it takes a lot of work and is very demanded. This is for dogs that are a danger to themselves, owners or the public.​​

Depending on the severity and type of behaviour is dependent on how long they stay. Every dog is different and so are their learning capabilities.

Dog Walking

Teaching + Learning Every Day

​Two Hour EXTREME walking( Socialized dogs only ) for any additional dogs from the same home.​

This is for Dogs that need more. They will walk, run, swim, socialise , have fun and by the end of the walk will be EXTREMELY tired. We visit beaches, bush, mountains, hikes, rivers, lake, creeks and so much more.

Everyday no matter what we teach all our dog's to walk to heal on leash, it is a minimum standard for the safety of our dog's, staff and the public. On and off leash walks.

Doggy Day Care/Boarding In Our Home

Accommodating For Your Dogs Comfort

Doggy Daycare

Monday - Friday 6am - 6PM

EXTREME Walk included


Dog Boarding

All Year Round

EXTREME Walk Included

Food Included

 Your pet sleep inside with me and will be treated like my own dogs, they will be given all the exercise, training, love, attention and time they need.


Danielle Louise Ruston

Can't thank Jade enough for coming to help me and my partner with our dog. It got to a point where it was causing so much stress with having him that we even contemplated getting rid of him however hard this would have been. Now after just two sessions Dre (the dog) is making such good progress, progress that we never would of thought would be possible with a very hyper staffy! Looking forward to continuing our sessions with Jade!

Get In Touch Today

Get in touch with The DBT to learn more about our services.


Cooroy, 4563, Australia




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